香水の香りを長持ちさせる方法 / Methods to make the scent of perfume last longer.

香水の香りを長持ちさせる方法 / Methods to make the scent of perfume last longer.


I was searching for methods to make the scent of perfume last longer and I found the following description in a foreign blog. There were three things you could try right away, so I would like to share them.



Apply your perfume on moisturised skin to avoid it being impacted by your skins natural oils and perspiration and evaporating more quickly.



Don't rub! Spray or roll your perfume on and wait for it to dry without smudging, patting or dabbing it.



Don't apply perfume to your wrists in winter if they will be covered by clothes. Instead apply to your neck and consider spraying some on a scarf or lightly in your hair.






It is recommended to apply perfume after moisturizing your skin rather than directly on the skin to prevent it from evaporating quickly. You can use a moisturizer or other products such as sunblock for this purpose.




As previously mentioned in the blog, it seems that not rubbing it leads to better retention of the fragrance. It might also be better to avoid warming your wrists by tightly attaching them. (Sorry for the misinformation)




It seems that applying the perfume to the neck, decollete, or shoulders is the safer option. Wrist area might be covered by clothes and the friction between the clothes and the skin could cause the fragrance to evaporate, so it's best to avoid that.




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