GARDENIA FLOWER / ガーデニア クチナシの花の香り


GARDENIA FLOWER / ガーデニア クチナシの花の香り

GARDENIA / クチナシの花

SENSO del MAREのミドルノートに使用している香りです。





The name "gardenia" comes from Dr. Alexander Garden, a botanist and physician from Charleston, South Carolina, in the 18th century.

Gardenias are tropical evergreen trees that produce beautiful white flowers. They have glossy leaves and a shrub-like appearance with white flowers and small oval-shaped fruits. The fragrant petals of the flowers bloom from summer to fall.








In ancient China, gardenia flowers were often depicted in Chinese paintings. Today, gardenias are considered a symbol of southern charm and have become an essential ingredient in the fragrance industry.

This soft and feminine fragrance evokes a sense of elegance and tranquility, like taking a leisurely stroll through a serene flower garden. The milky white petals and sensual scent of gardenias create a captivating sense of refinement and peacefulness.








In traditional Chinese medicine, gardenia was used to prevent illness. One study found that specific compounds in the fruit of the gardenia, known in Chinese as "Zhi Zi," are suitable for medicinal use.

Even today, Zhi Zi is believed to improve blood circulation and have a cooling effect on the body.

Not only is gardenia known for its medicinal properties, but its fragrance is also believed to have therapeutic effects on the mind and body. Inhaling the scent of gardenia can reduce oxidative stress in the body, uplift mood, and alleviate feelings of anxiety and depression.




SENSO del MARE / AQUAのミドルノートは、花がベースとなっています。



The middle notes of SENSO del MARE / AQUA are based on floral scents. After the top notes of citrus have evaporated, the majority of the lingering fragrance is from the middle notes. We hope that you can feel the effects of gardenia within this soft and gentle scent.