THE GREAT GATSBY-1974-  /  華麗なるギャツビー -海が関わる映画-


THE GREAT GATSBY-1974- / 華麗なるギャツビー -海が関わる映画-

THE GREAT GATSBY / 華麗なるギャツビー
原作は米作家 F・スコット・フィッツジェラルドによる小説であり、アメリカ文学を代表する作品の一つとして高く評価されています。


THE GREAT GATSBYの脚色担当者は、”The GodFather"や”THE COTTON CLUB"など多くの伝説的作品の監督や脚本を手がけたフランシス・フォード・コッポラ。完全に適任でしょう。 


"The Great Gatsby" is a film that was released in 1974. The original novel was written by American author F. Scott Fitzgerald and is highly regarded as one of the representative works of American literature.
Speaking of Fitzgerald, many of you might be familiar with "The Curious Case of Benjamin Button," which was adapted into a film by David Fincher. The source material for that film was also a short story written by Fitzgerald.
The screenplay for "The Great Gatsby" was handled by Francis Ford Coppola, who is well-known for directing and writing numerous legendary works such as "The Godfather" and "The Cotton Club." He is undoubtedly the perfect choice for the job.








時代背景はジャズ・エイジ / 狂騒の20年代と言われる1920年代。


ジェイ・ギャツビーを演じたのは、世界で最もブラックタイを正統に着こなす俳優の1人であるRobert Redford 。


これまでにTHE GREAT GATSBYは計4本に渡り映画化されています。



The setting is in West Egg and East Egg, which are located on Long Island, New York.The backdrop is the 1920s, known as the Jazz Age or the Roaring Twenties.
Jay Gatsby was portrayed by ROBERT REDFORD, who is considered one of the most elegant and impeccably dressed individuals in black tie attire worldwide, and one of the most fitting actors to embody the character with his charming and dashing looks that perfectly suit the role of "Jay Gatsby." 





青く広がる大西洋と夏の照りつける日差しを感じさせる描写がいくつも見られますが、劇中は皆ベージュやホワイト、ベビーピンクやサックスブルーなど爽やかで清涼感のあるフォーマルウェアを着飾り、当時のHigh societyが楽しむ夏の服装として非常に都会的で洗練された装いを見て楽しむことができます。



The season is midsummer.

Throughout the film, the actors are shown with sweat glistening on their faces and shirts from the beginning to the end. The depictions of the vast blue Atlantic and the scorching summer sun can be seen multiple times. Despite the summer heat, the characters don stylish and refreshing formal wear in shades of beige, white, baby pink, and sax blue, exuding a sense of cleanliness and sophistication. The attire reflects the fashionable and refined clothing that the upper-class wealthy people of that era enjoyed during the summer.
For this movie, approximately 1,900 costumes were prepared, and especially for men's fashion, the iconic "Gatsby Look" was created by none other than Ralph Lauren, who had recently launched the brand "POLO" and was chosen as the stylist for this film. Through this Gatsby Look, Ralph Lauren solidified his position as a designer and crafted his branding to perfection, instantly becoming a globally renowned fashion icon.












The movie begins with a scene where Nick Carraway, dressed in a white linen three-piece suit, sets sail on the sea towards East Egg. The film unfolds as a drama narrated in the first person by Nick.
Nick Carraway resides in a small bungalow in West Egg, Long Island. Next to his humble abode stands a massive mansion, where extravagant parties are always held, attended by numerous wealthy individuals.
The owner of that grand mansion and the orchestrator of the parties is none other than Jay Gatsby. However, despite the many attendees at his parties, no one has ever seen Jay Gatsby in person. He remains a mysterious figure surrounded by malicious rumors and speculations.
In the midst of all this, Nick is suddenly summoned by the butler of the grand estate. When he arrives, he is met by none other than the enigmatic Jay Gatsby himself, whose background everyone is eager to know.
After exchanging neighborly greetings, Jay Gatsby extends a friendly and sociable invitation to dine together, but little does Nick know that Gatsby has a specific reason for getting close and becoming familiar with him.



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「過去は取り戻せるさ」-ジェイ・ギャツビー -


From the grand mansion, Gatsby gazes out at the vast Atlantic Ocean, where the horizon stretches far into the distance. He always looks at the light shining from the other side in East Egg, where Daisy, a wealthy heiress and Nick's cousin, resides.The reason Gatsby approaches Nick is to attempt a reunion with Daisy.
In the past, Gatsby and Daisy were deeply in love and secretly engaged. However, when the war broke out, Gatsby was deployed to the battlefields of Europe, and during his absence, Daisy married Tom, a wealthy man.
Gatsby himself was born into a poor family in the Midwest.
The days with Daisy, who was as precious to Gatsby as life itself, were torn apart by the war when he was dispatched to the French front by military orders. But in truth, it wasn't just the war that separated them; he also learned that his low social status prevented him from marrying her, leading to a sense of bitter defeat and humiliation.Daisy and Gatsby lived in different worlds. So he believed that if he could become wealthy and belong to the same social class as her, he could win her back.
He delved into shady business dealings to amass wealth, aiming to rise to the heights of the upper class, all for the sake of Daisy. His goal was to become a resident of her world. It was all for Daisy.
After five years, he starts his days of reclaiming the lost past to win back his lost love.


"Can't repeat the past ? Why of course you can." - Jay Gatsby















The reason I aspired to rise from humble beginnings and aim for greater heights was to win back the heart of the one woman who meant everything to me - a romance filled with a seemingly unbelievable charm in the real world.
Portraying such a steadfast character as Jay Gatsby was Robert Redford, who epitomized the ideal image of a man that Americans admired and possessed a flawless appearance on a world-class level. The casting choice is undeniably brilliant.
In a way, both Jay Gatsby and Robert Redford share a common ground in their climb from rags to riches.
Robert Redford himself endured a decade of struggling and living in the shadows without major breakthroughs in the 1960s. Unlike the impactful and rebellious actors like James Dean and Marlon Brando, Redford's refined and establishment-friendly demeanor, coupled with his striking good looks, made it challenging for him to secure roles in the film industry during that era.
Considering this background, the personalities of Gatsby and Redford seamlessly converge.








Robert Redford, like Al Pacino and other actors with a history of enduring struggles and unhappiness, is someone I personally admire. It is entirely my belief, but I find men who lead unhappy lives to be more appealing. The allure and pathos emitted by men who strive to reach greater heights amid suffering and hardship, pushing themselves to their limits, evoke admiration and emotional connection.
I remember a phrase from a respected teacher that stayed with me: "A man's should live a life with wide range. Experience both the depths and the heights. The greater the amplitude, the deeper and more flavorful a man becomes."
Jay Gatsby risks his life to rise to success, driven by the "dream" of winning the heart of one woman, but even after achieving success, he never truly reaches that pinnacle and ultimately fails to grasp the "dream."
It's a bittersweet and unfulfilled life, but Redford's portrayal of Gatsby vividly captures the sadness and pain, making it a captivating performance that draws you in.



ロンドン製のシャツが部屋に舞うシーン。(多分TURNBULL & ASSER?) 







It takes quite a while for Redford to make an appearance in this movie.

During its screening in the 1970s, viewers eagerly awaited Redford's entrance, and when it finally happened, his incredibly strong and cool presence reportedly caused a stir of excitement in the theater. You'll understand once you see it.

It's an excellent film to watch, especially in the height of summer. If you're curious, I highly recommend giving it a try.