SCENT OF A WOMAN -夢の香り- 香水が関わる映画


SCENT OF A WOMAN -夢の香り- 香水が関わる映画





”SCENT OF A WOMAN -夢の香り-” (1992)





When it comes to performances that transfix you due to the convincing portrayal of a particularly complicated character, Al Pacino as Lieutenant Colonel Frank Slade in Scent of a Woman (1992) sits at the vertex of the thespian mountain. His performance is method acting at its finest. Also, in a career that spans six decades, it’s his best one to date, if his sole Academy Award for Best Actor qualifies for such an achievement.






This is a story of two men, Colonel Frank Slade, who is blind, and Charlie, a working-class student from the countryside who attends an elite high school in Boston on a scholarship. Despite their significant age difference, the two men build a bond of trust and friendship as they share their innermost thoughts and feelings.

Al Pacino delivers a remarkable performance as Colonel Slade, never moving his eyelids or pupils to convey his blindness, yet expressing a range of emotions through his eyes, from explosive anger to suave seduction to deep despair. His character, a relic of a bygone era who could easily be perceived as a sexist and chauvinistic dinosaur by modern standards, is infused with a hidden tenderness, love, and pathos that are hard to articulate but easy to feel, making it impossible not to empathize with him.





The reason why I like Al Pacino is that he is one of the few men who can pull off portraying the sad and difficult lives of men.





それは”The Godfather Part Ⅱ”が最たる例です。




That is best exemplified in "The Godfather Part II."

Al Pacino's character, Michael Corleone, strives to become the same kind of beloved and respected Godfather as his father Vito Corleone, who was loved and revered by the family.

However, in contrast to his father, Michael finds that the more he sacrifices and protects the family, and the more he fulfills his duties as a Godfather, the more distant the family becomes.






He separates from his wife Kay, his sister Connie leaves, and he has to deal with his brother Fredo.

In the final flashback scene, we see a conversation between a younger Michael and his family. Even back then, Michael was lonely, and as he reflects on his life after years of becoming a Godfather, he is still ultimately alone. The expression on Michael's face from that time is etched in the minds of many viewers, as he questions what was different between his father Vito's life, where he built a family and had everyone love each other, and his own life that gradually drifts away.



SCENT OF A WOMANのスレイド中佐も同様です。親族からは疎まれ、日々面倒をみる家族とも仲は悪く、若い者からも煙たがられる。誰も見向きもされない孤独な老人です。



Similarly, in "Scent of a Woman," Colonel Slade is shunned by his relatives, has a strained relationship with his family who take care of him, and is an elderly man whom no one seems to care about.

However, it is heartwarming to see how Slade opens up to Charlie and they grow closer to each other, filling each other's hearts with a sense of warmth and fulfillment.







There are many memorable scenes in the movie, such as the scene where he orders a bespoke suit in his hotel room, the scene where he test drives a Ferrari at high speeds despite being blind, and more. However, the most famous scene is probably the one where he asks a woman he met in a tea lounge to dance the tango with him.







スレイドのスリーピース / ハイブレイクウエスト / 広く構築的なロープドショルダーなどなど、一見古くさいディテールのスーツですが、アルパチーノが着ればトレンドや時代性なんて面倒臭くて下らないファッションのルールをも凌駕するほど魅力的に映ります。


別の映画ですが、"SE7EN" のブラッド・ピット演じるミルズのスーツは「日常着としてのスーツ」かと思います。全くアイロンせずシワだらけのシャツや粗野な素材など、雨が降り続ける暗い描写、混沌とした映画内容、そしてすぐ頭に血がのぼるミルズの性格に服装がよく調和しています。


In fact, it is said that this scene was filmed over a period of 2 weeks of practice and 3 days of shooting.

Slade's three-piece suit with peaked lapels, high-break waist, and broad, roped shoulders, among other details, may seem outdated by today's standards, but Al Pacino exudes such charisma and style in his wardrobe that transcends trends and fashion rules. Personally, I think he's more of a welldresser than ------.









In the final scene, we see an incredible relationship between two people who are not even blood-related, as they come together on a higher level than even that of parent and child. Charlie finds himself in trouble during the disciplinary hearing, but Slade steps in as his guardian and delivers a powerful speech in his defense. This scene showcases a truly remarkable performance, as the two characters' beautiful friendship and bond are portrayed with a refreshing sense of clarity and uplifting emotion.

In contrast to The Godfather Part II, this film depicts a relationship that could never have existed within the confines of a traditional family unit. The friendship and bond between Charlie and Slade are simply breathtaking.

Even as Slade, who had once considered taking his own life, walks away with his head held high, the message of the film rings loud and clear: there are some things that are more important than words can express. This film's final moments are truly inspiring and unforgettable.