香りの世界でこれらはエッセンシャルオイル、クリーニング / ランドリー製品、フレグランスなど様々な製品で用いられています。

この香りは奥深さと複雑なバリエーションを持ち、エネルギッシュ / アロマティックな輝きに満ちた香りで、主に香水のトップノートに使用されます。そしてあらゆるノートの中で最も揮発性が高い香りです。

一般的に使用されるシトラスノートは、オレンジ / レモン / ライム / ベルガモット / ネロリ / グレープフルーツなどが有名でしょう。


Citrus notes, with their invigorating and aromatic radiance, are utilized in various applications in the world of fragrances.

They can be found in essential oils, cleaning and laundry products, as well as fragrances.

This scent possesses depth and intricate variations, exuding an energetic and aromatic brilliance. It is primarily used as a top note in perfumes, and it is the most volatile among all fragrance notes.

The citrus fragrance family encompasses a wide range of fruits, including orange, lemon, lime, grapefruit, and bergamot. Each fruit brings its own unique character and nuances to the scent. Citrus notes impart a sense of liveliness, energy, and freshness, making them a popular choice for fragrances, particularly in the realm of perfumery.

In summary, citrus notes have a multifaceted presence in the fragrance world, lending their vibrant and aromatic brilliance to a variety of products, with a particular affinity for being used as top notes in perfumes. They are also renowned for their high volatility among all fragrance notes.





“Queen of Hungary Waters.” と呼ばれる香水のようです。



The first appearance of the citrus fragrance was as early as 1370 with a perfume called "Queen of Hungary Waters."

This perfume was created for Queen Elizabeth I of Hungary and is said to have contained notes of rosemary, sage, cedar, and bergamot.




Queen of Hungary Watersの興味深い点は、これがヨーロッパ全体で最初に開発されたアルコールベースの香水であり、シトラスつまり柑橘は香水の起源たる香りなんですね。


The interesting aspect of this fragrance is that it was the first alcohol-based perfume in all of Europe and is considered the first modern perfume ever produced. Citrus, or rather, the scent of citrus, played a significant role in the origin of perfumes.







Bergamot, frequently used in perfumery, is a hybrid fruit that combines the scents of lemon, lime, and bitter orange. I have previously written a blog post about bergamot, so please refer to it for more details.









Citrus notes beautifully and refreshingly perfume as top notes and harmonize with any fragrance.

Enjoying the scent of citrus has highly beneficial effects on our minds and offers health benefits such as immune system support.

It has been proven to reduce stress, uplift mood, and boost energy levels.





ここ最近、SENSO del MAREも出荷数が急激に上がり、夏の到来を予感させます。

皆様も暖かくなり、気分が高揚するこの季節を、SENSO del MAREの香りと共に楽しくお過ごしください。