NAOSHIMA ART ISLAND Travel Tips by local Optimal solution / DAY 1


NAOSHIMA ART ISLAND Travel Tips by local Optimal solution / DAY 1

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This is SENSO del MARE Founder.

I was born in Kagawa Prefecture in the Seto Inland Sea, and I am currently living there.

A local resident who frequently visits Naoshima will provide you with real information, covering everything from accessing the island to accommodation and recommended night plans.


Are you ready to enjoy the Art Museum in NAOSHIMA ?




List of Art Museums Reservations necessary for Individual Visitors 

In order to prevent the further spread of the new coronavirus infections, as well as ensuring an optimal viewing environment at the museum, we implement a reservation system in following art facilities.



  • Chichu Art Museum
  • Hiroshi Sugimoto Gallery : Time Corridors
  • Art House Project "Kinza"



  • Teshima Art Museum

Click & Get to buy the Museum tickets. 




No reservation necessary Art Museums & Installation

  • Benesse House Museum
  • Lee Ufan Museum
  • Valley Gallery
  • Art House Project

    and more..

Any Art Museums & Installations are Everybody can use it anytime without the reservations necessary .

Temporary holiday available. Please check the official website of Benesse artsite NAOSHIMA .





From OKAYAMA Uno Port to Naoshima:

Access Method:
  • Once you arrive in Okayama, take a local train from Okayama to Uno.
    walk 5 minutes from Uno Station to Uno Ferry Port to catch a Naoshima ferryTake a ferry from Uno Port to Miyanoura Port on Naoshima.




Ferry Operators:
  • Uno-Naoshima Ferry is one of the operators providing services between Uno Port and Miyanoura Port.
  • ¥300 / Only Cash.
Travel Time:
  • The ferry ride from Uno to Miyanoura generally takes about 20 minutes.




    From KAGAWA Takamatsu Port to Naoshima:

    Access Method:
    • TAKAMATSU stations arrive walk in 10minutes    Take a ferry from Takamatsu Port to Miyanoura Port on Naoshima 




    Ferry Operators:
    • Several ferry operators run services between Takamatsu Port and Miyanoura Port. For example, Shikoku Kisen operates ferries.
    • ¥520 / Only Cash.
    Travel Time:
    • The ferry ride typically takes about 60 minutes, but this may vary depending on the specific ferry service.


    General Tips:
    • It's advisable to confirm the current schedule, as ferry timings can be subject to change.
    • Consider checking for any specific COVID-19 related guidelines or restrictions that may affect travel.





    MAPS of Naoshima

    Let's be sure to use this Google Map.










    When you arrive at Miyanoura Port, first, let's appreciate the Chichu Art Museum.

    To smoothly appreciate the museums on Naoshima, let's begin with a visit to the Chichu first.
    To do so, it is recommended to purchase tickets for the Chichu  early in the day.


    To use the BUS from Miyanoura Port :

    You can also do a combination of  taking the bus. There is a paid bus route from Miyanoura Port to Tsutsuji-so (Museum Area). 


      • ¥100 / Only Cash.



        To Benesse House Area :

        There is also a free shuttle bus. From Tsutsuji-so, you can catch a free Museum shuttle bus that will take you to the Benesse House Museum, Lee Ufan Museum, Valley gallery and Chichu Art Museum.  

          • Free



          The recommendations are walking and renting bicycles :

          Walking is absolutely doable for the one-day itinerary. But there’s a bit of walking. From Miyanoura Port to Ticket Center of Chichu Art Museum is about 30 minutes.

          If you do not want to walk long distances or take public transportation, rent a bicycle. 

          You can reach it while enjoying the vast and beautiful Seto Inland Sea and the natural beauty of the mountains.

          • Bicycle ¥500 (Multi speed) ¥1,500 (Electric powered) /day

          ex : T.V.C. Service (Miyanoura) click here



          Let's enjoy museums buried in the island's landscape, harmonizing with nature :

          Please do read the blog I wrote earlier. click here

          The artworks of these three artists are not temporary but permanent, as the museum was built specifically for these particular art pieces and does not have any special exhibitions.

          The Chichu Art Museum is considered a true "museum" in the literal sense. While various museums exist in Japan, they mostly change their exhibition plans every three to six months. In contrast, the Chichu Art Museum is "permanent." Since 2004, the artworks of the three artists have never been changed, and visitors can always see the same works displayed there for eternity.


          Should have a meal at the Chichu cafe in museum :

          The cafe overlooks the picturesque scenery of the Inland Sea, and the open patio affords a taste of the great outdoors. Relaxing in the cafe is a perfect way to end your museum visit.


          Finally, let's do some shopping at the museum shop :

          The museum shop attached to the Chichu Art Museum. The Chichu store sells merchandise that bring visitors closer to the museum, including books published by the museum itself, photography collections, and original goods.

          We also have our product, SENSO del MARE perfume, available for sale, so please be sure to find it.




          NEXT TO GET TO  Lee Ufan Museum & Valley Gallery



          It is recommended to walk from the Underground Art Museum to the Lee Ufan Museum.

          A museum resulting from the collaboration between internationally acclaimed artist Lee Ufan, presently based mainly in Europe, and architect Tadao Ando.
          The Ando-designed semi-underground structure houses paintings and sculptures by Lee spanning a period from the 1970s to the present day. 




          Valley Gallery is composed of a small building resembling a shrine and the surrounding outdoor area. Built along the valley, which is considered a boundary or sanctuary, the double-walled interior space is introspective, it is open to the semi-outdoors, allowing visitors to directly feel the movement of natural energy, such as light and wind. The architecture and these works, which reflect the surrounding nature and local history, will resonate with each other and promote a renewed awareness of the richness of nature, symbiosis, and the fundamental spirit of prayer and rebirth.






          After enjoying the Lee Ufan Museum and Valley Gallery, a shuttle bus might arrive just in time. If it seems like a long wait, you can consider walking to the Benesse House Museum. Along the way, you can relish breathtaking ocean views of the expansive Seto Inland Sea.

          This is the first art museum established in Benesse Art Site Naoshima, located on Naoshima Island.Benesse House Museum, consisting of a museum, hotel, shop, restaurant, and spa, opened in 1992 as a facility that integrates a museum and hotel under the concept of "coexistence of nature, architecture, and art.

          In addition to the collection pieces, site-specific works created by artists for the location are permanently installed throughout the facility.

          The interior of the museum is very spacious, with works displayed on walls and outdoors throughout. There are also works unique to Naoshima, such as the installation by Richard Long composed of driftwood laid out on the museum's floor, which was created in collaboration with local residents.


          Hotel stay in BENESSE :

          The hotel is divided into 65 guest rooms and suites across four buildings: Museum, Oval, Park, and Beach, all designed by Tadao Ando, each with its own unique design and artwork.

          Oval is set on a hill and connected to the museum by monorail. Park is where most of the facilities, such as the French restaurant Terrace, the spa, and the shop, are housed.


          Finally, let's do some shopping at the museum shop in BENESSE :

          We are pleased to inform you that SENSO del MARE is available at two locations:

          • Bennesse House Shop 
          • Bennesse House Museum Shop

          We are delighted to receive positive feedback from numerous customers, including those visiting from abroad. Thank you for your continued support.